wedge Legal
* Do I need to sign an NDA before starting work on the project and getting the software?
* Contract?
* What am I allowed to say about this project? Can I say I'm working for your company, or mention the product, for example, to my Mac user group? Unless otherwise specified, I will assume all is to remain under wraps.
wedge Exchange contact info
* Company address
* Email
* IM
* Phone
* Fax
* Who will be my main points of contact? An introduction to project team members with whom I'll likely interface - name, email, project responsibilities - would probably be helpful.
wedge Billing
* Who gets invoice?
* Email OK, or do you need paper invoice?
* Does anyone else need a copy, e.g. for approval?
* Getting paid: U.S. company check? International wire transfer? Other?
wedge Communication
* time zone issues?
* regular emails?
* iChat?
* participate in (some) meetings via phone, iChat, iChat AV?
wedge work feedback
* direction, feedback helpful
* culture
* management style
* expectations (both parties)
wedge Testing
* environment: unless otherwise suggested, app will be tested on systems with user system - no Developer Tools
wedge Scope/components - how much app do you have to test?
* App proper
* Helper app(s)?
* Disk image/installer
* Readme
* Automator action(s)? How many?
* Dashboard widget(s)?
* AppleScript dictionary
* Localisation(s)?
* Help file
wedge Known weak spots?
* For developer(s) - what is the most fragile part of the code - where do you fear users will go?
* New code, features, functionality?
* Rewritten code?
* Other untested code?
* Problem areas, as identified by user reports?
* Compatibility with some other third-party apps, e.g. WindowShade, DefaultFolder, FruitMenu?
wedge Priorities: what needs to be tested first?
* Documentation that's going to the printers in two days?
* Disk image/installer that's going to be mastered in three days?
* Program itself?
* Help system?
* Other?
wedge Time
* How soon do you need the testing done?
* How much testing time do you think you need/expect?
wedge Any restrictions on testing?
* Trial period, e.g. 4 hours?
* Dollar amount?
* When appropriate, please specify how much time should be spent on a particular bug, e.g. "this is really important, so spend up to 3 hours on this"
wedge Testing materials
* Smoke/shakedown test(s)?
* Specific test cases/scripts?
* Test files? simple? complex?
* Is another platform version (Windows, Linux) to be used for reference? If so, what are system requirements? Do you have loaner hardware?
* Apple XRay: are you using it?
wedge AppleScript dictionary
* class, property tests?
wedge Automated testing
* AppleScripts
* AppleScript GUI scripting
* Is app AppleScriptable recordable? (extremely useful for submitting bug reports, regression testing)
* Eggplant scripts
wedge Competition
* what do you like or dislike about other products?
wedge Documentation
* What resources do you have to help new tester get up to speed?
* Do you have any formal or even informal test plan documentation to start with?
* Feature list?
* Specification? Limits?
* Is a current user manual available? If the manual is in progress, will a current copy (preferably PDF) be available from the tech writer, and will s/he be available for documentation questions?
wedge Style sheet/guide
* Do you have a style sheet with product names, trademarks, and company-specific use of terms? If not, I'll probably start one.
wedge Help system
* What help is there? Help Viewer? Third-party help system, e.g. RoboHelp, QuickHelp?
* Tutorial(s)?
* Quick-reference material?
* Sample/example files?
wedge Bug database/reporting bugs:
* Do you have a bug database I can access over the net (FileMaker-based, TestTrack, Bugzilla, other)?
wedge Bug database set-up
* special files to install? installer?
* application?
* basic configuration info?
* documentation?
* If not, would a basic FileMaker 7 bug database be useful, and do you have a server that could host it?
* If using email, how often would you like to receive bug reports? tab-delimited text OK? (paste in spreadsheet for viewing), HTML?
wedge Debugging info
* are there debug builds?
wedge special/secret debug menu(s)?
* set via defaults command?
* special key combination to enable/disable?
* assertion logging?
* logging stack traces?
* when to submit sample files (output of command line "sample" command or Activity Monitor app)
* secret preferences for testing use?
wedge Submitting files
wedge crash logs
wedge submit to Apple via Crash Reporter/Problem Reporter?
* developer builds or for release builds only?
* special instructions?
* test documents
* stacktraces
* AppleScripts
* bug screen shots
* bug movies
wedge Test system info
* Are you interested in Apple System Profiler logs from any/all test systems?
* Abbreviated (command line) output?
wedge Builds
* Do all builds have unique build number? (they should!)
* What is expected frequency of new builds? Daily? Weekly? As needed?
wedge provision to run expired builds in the future (for demonstrating/closing old bugs)?
* prefs file entry, set via defaults command?
* presence of a secret file?
* special key combination at launch?
wedge Delivery
* Website
wedge ftp
* hostname
* login
* password
* path
wedge http
wedge if not public
* login
* password
wedge Network infrastructure
* VPN access?
* Poke a hole in firewall for server access?
* Email (least desirable)
wedge Supported OS/hardware
* What operating systems are supported?
* What hardware (monitor size/resolution, CPU, RAM, keyboard, printers, etc.) is supported?
* What is the main platform?
* How much emphasis should be placed on each?
* Do you have any hardware available for testing purposes (on- or off-site)? (primarily for local clients with special needs)
* Do you require any special hardware? Will you provide?
* Any plans to test at Apple's Compatibility Labs (Room With a View, Field of Dreams, Project X) in Cupertino? During Macworld week? Before/during/after WWDC week?
wedge Evangelism
wedge User group program?
* license for UG raffle?
* UG demo?
* UG discount?